How To Earn Rewards For Holding Crypto

Cryptocurrency is a revolutionary way to store and transfer value. In addition to being a safe and secure asset, it pays you for holding onto it! This means that if you purchase crypto and leave it there for years, the value of your holdings will increase over time. While this might not sound like a big deal at first glance, consider what happens when you earn interest on an investment account or certificate of deposit: earning interest means your money grows over time. The same is valid with crypto—you can get paid by just holding onto your coins!

Earn rebates and rewards

Some of these programs also offer referral rewards, which can be an excellent way to earn crypto with little effort.

Rebate programs are generally paid out every month and require you to hold the coins for a certain amount of time before receiving your earnings. This means that they’re not as valuable if you only want to put off selling your cryptocurrency temporarily and then sell it later on at a higher price—you’ll need to check whether each program offers instant payouts or not before signing up with them!

Perks for Holding Tokens

Some tokens, such as the FTX Token, will offer generous rewards and benefits to their stakeholders for simply holding FTT. FTT coin holders can benefit from monthly SRM token airdrops, which can be used on the new Serum DEX. Regular NFT airdrops can help diversify your investment portfolio. FTT holders will also benefit from fee discounts across the FTX platform. A unique benefit for FTT holders is the opportunity to join the FTX DAO as an FTT stakeholder. The DAO will provide investors with a large digital community where they can make smart investment decisions democratically and influence the coin’s direction and the group as a whole.

Other tokens out there thay offer benefits to their stakeholders, so be sure to do your research and find one that pays you to hold it. You can compare holding FTX Token to other cryptos by visiting FTX. FTX also offers investors the opportunity to stake their investments easily.

Stake Your Tokens

Staking is a way to make money by holding your favorite coins. You can earn rewards for staking by locking up your tokens or looking for an exchange that offers a staking feature.

It works like this:

  • You buy some crypto and stake it with the exchange or wallet where you’re keeping it (so you won’t be able to access them for the duration of the staking period).
  • The exchange or wallet takes care of all this — they will automatically add more coins to your wallet every time there’s a price increase and return them when there isn’t one (or if someone else wants to sell their tokens).

Some sites offer staking rewards as high as 10% per year, though this number may vary depending on how much risk they’re willing to take to give out more significant returns.


Yield-farming is a process of lending your coins to someone else so they can earn interest on them. This way, you don’t have to sell or buy your digital assets but still, get rewarded for holding onto them. The person who lends these digital assets to the yield farmer is an ‘aggregator.’ The aggregator then collects all of its customers’ digital assets and loans them out on exchanges where there is high demand for short-term loans in exchange for interest payments. Yield-farmers are essentially using your private keys as collateral against loans on exchanges.

There are multiple options for earning rewards on crypto

There are multiple options for earning rewards on crypto. Rewards can be in the form of rebates, dividends, or interest. They’re made by holding tokens in a crypto wallet and staking them in staking wallets. You can also earn rewards for liquidity farming (buying and selling tokens) through exchanges and marketplaces that offer these features.

The idea is that by holding crypto tokens, you’ll receive rewards as an incentive to keep your money invested longer than average investors might do otherwise—and thus help stabilize the market while giving people who hold cryptocurrencies more financial stability overall. This is similar to how stock dividends work: they reward shareholders who have invested their money into companies with a steady stream of revenue coming back into their hands each month or quarter.

Holding cryptocurrency is a great way to earn rewards. If you have the time and patience, it can be a rewarding investment for your future. Remember that there are various ways to earn rewards like this, so don’t feel limited by what we’ve covered here. There are many ways to earn crypto, and we want everyone who wants to get involved in blockchain technology with us!

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