Love Bird Tikka? Attempt These Five Mouth-Watering Fusion Bird Tikka Snacks

chook tikka recipes: our love for hen tikka has made us test with this loved dish, and now the bird tikka may be determined in pizzas, pastas and burgers as properly!


  • chook tikka is the move-to north indian snacks for non-veg enthusiasts!
  • right here are a few fusion chicken tikka snacks to munch on.
  • find the recipes down underneath. One of the maximum loved dishes amongst indians, chicken tikka is one snack that usually unearths its way on our menu.

Soft portions of chicken are marinated in smoky and hot spices to give the masaledaar chicken tikka. The best part about this snack is that it’s far top notch easy to make and loved by way of anybody equally! Our love for hen tikka has made us test with this cherished dish, and now the chicken tikka may be located in pizzas, pastas and burgers as nicely! We have shortlisted some of the most delicious chicken tikka fusion snacks which are bound to make you drool! Five fusion chicken tikka snacks you need to attempt:

  1. Hen tikka croquettes

croquettes are a sort of circular finger food that is covered with breadcrumbs and deep-fried to present its signature crispy texture. Generally, croquettes are made the use of mashed potatoes, however on this recipe, we coat the juicy, marinated portions of fowl tikka in breadcrumbs to get this crispy dish.

  1. Chicken tikka burgerads through

what could manifest if someone experimented with bird tikka and burgers? We’ll get a bird tikka burger. Wager what? This dish genuinely exists. Juicy and highly spiced portions of chicken tikka, layered with clean greens and scrumptious sauces, this burger offers the quality of both the worlds!

  1. Hen tikka chaat

similar to the vital chaat, hen tikka chaat includes ingredients like tomato, onion, green chilli, imli chutney and greater. All we want to do is replace the papdi or aloo tikki with chook tikka pieces. The best element is, you need much less than 15 minutes to put together this fantastic snack.

  1. Bird tikka khurchan tostada

a mouth-watering snack to serve at your subsequent night meal, this fowl khurchan tostada is brimming with exciting flavours and is sure to impress your taste buds! Tasty portions of juicy chook are layered on flaky, tiny laccha paratha. Five. Tandoori tikka seel kand

chook tikka stuffed with pepper, onion, mint, and charcoal grilled, and served on top of potato cakes with sundried tomatoes and a hint of mint. This dish is an stylish option for a dinner party.

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