Sypwai: A History of the Company

Sypwai is a new British startup headquartered in London. The startup’s history dates back to 2018. Then Sypwai executives Ngo Bao Chau and Abdigani Dirie thought carefully about the idea and all the necessary details. And a few months later, Sypwai received a $90 million grant from the LifeAsapa Foundation as the best startup among those who participated in the grant competition at one of the largest annual conferences dedicated to artificial intelligence.

The project management initially decided not to advertise the company’s activities because of the uniqueness of the technology and protection against cyber-attacks. But already in October 2020, Sypwai became popular worldwide. Since then, Sypwai has continually attracted investment. More and more investors interested in innovative technologies were willing to invest in artificial intelligence because without a neural network, the future is impossible.

A trial version of the AI training platform was launched at the same time. Ordinary people could help Sypwai develop and improve while getting good money. People from all over the world are involved in training neural networks. This work does not require much effort, and the financial result exceeds all expectations.

Earning Opportunities

Sypwai hires anyone who wants to work. You don’t have to have any special skills to successfully start a career on the platform. Most of the employees earn about $600 per month. Earnings directly depend on involvement: someone uses the platform as a hobby, and someone considers working at SYPWAI as an additional income. Some see artificial intelligence as an opportunity to optimize their business. Some want to influence the future with the help of a neural network, and some have realized that their previous work does not attract them anymore, and have completely devoted themselves to neural network training.

How it works?

The principle of Sypwai is as simple as possible. To start training artificial intelligence, you need to:

  • purchase a special Sypwai device;
  • download the application;
  • read the QR code;
  • register;
  • follow the instructions.

To start work it is enough to have a desire to develop in this area and any gadget (smartphone, tablet, laptop) with Internet access. Tasks are more similar to the educational game. The complexity of tasks depends on the level of knowledge; it can be found by passing a simple test. The result of all solved tasks is automatically recorded in the database. Thus, the neural network is trained with the help of platform users.

AI learning algorithms and examples

Machine learning occurs by solving problems of varying complexity. The complexity of machine learning tasks is selected for each user individually, depending on the overall level of education. For example, there are simple tasks where you have to choose pictures with an object. You should not be afraid of such tasks. However, there are more complex tasks that are broken down into different areas. For example, a task that concerns the medical field: is to determine or refute the presence of a tumor in a patient. And in the field of geology, it will be necessary to determine the location of minerals.

The Sypwai algorithm works on familiar technology. Facebook and Instagram algorithms work on the same technology. The system responds to signals from the gadget, which, in turn, reads the offered news and advertisements. As soon as the user stops on some post or, on the contrary, skips it, likes it, or reposts some news, the system immediately tracks this action and transmits everything to the database. Information is accumulated and, in this way, neural networks are trained.

How to join the program?

Anyone can join the program. Sypwai has made sure that this form of income, such as learning artificial intelligence, is simple and concise. For now, you can join SYPWAI only in test mode. The easiest and the only way to join SYPWAI today is as follows: the user takes a referral link from a regional manager who registers the user, gives instructions, and answers general questions about neural network training during the whole cooperation period. You can join the program from any country, from any continent, at any time. For the convenience of users, the platform and customer support are available 24/7. If you have any questions about the SYPWAI platform, you can call the hotline, describe the problem and get help.

All personal information provided by the user to join the program is encrypted and not available to the public. SYPWAI does not provide access to user data to other companies or institutions. All information is strictly confidential.

After the successful launch of the beta version of the SYPWAI platform, all information received from users for artificial intelligence training is collected, and processed, and, depending on the results, a launch date for the full program will be announced. No user will miss the date when they can join the modified SYPWAI platform, as the launch information will be submitted in time.

How do I buy the device?

To start learning artificial intelligence, you need to buy a Sypwai device. It’s called a Raspberry Pi. It is a mini-computer that will fit in your pocket. You can take it with you on a trip or even to a party. This device can act as a robot brain, an artificial intelligence network core, a factory controller, and so on. You can use a single device or multiple devices to train artificial intelligence. The Raspberry Pi has enough power to comfortably surf the Internet, and work with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, but the device is more energy efficient and much cheaper than a regular computer.

Payment for the purchase of the Sypwai device is accepted in any way. You can pay by card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, online banking (payment in the app or on the site), cryptocurrency, checks, through Pay Pal, EasyPay, LiqPay, with an e-wallet. Delivery takes from a week to several months, depending on the location of the user. The sooner a Sypwai purchase is made, the sooner the user can start training the artificial intelligence. Neural network training begins when the user registers on the platform, connects the Sypwai-purchased device according to instructions and begins performing tasks.


To start learning artificial intelligence, you must first register. Registration does not take much time and requires minimal effort. To register you need to:

  • provide login, personal information, and age;
  • think of a password;
  • confirm your email;
  • confirm cell phone number.

If you have any difficulties with registration, you can contact customer support. Problems that may arise during registration:

  • mail blocking;
  • wrong password;
  • you don’t receive an SMS with the code to the indicated phone number;
  • the SMS with the code doesn’t come in the mail.

Support also helps to solve technical issues related to the Raspberry Pi device.

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