Bihar Priest Refers To Himself As Sardar Of Criminals, Pokes Supervisor Nitish Kumar

Sudhakar Singh, the pastor in Nitish Kumar government, further guaranteed that there are numerous other “Sardars” above him as well.

Kaimur: Seething a discussion, Bihar Horticulture Pastor Sudhakar Singh has guaranteed that there are many ‘criminals” in his specialty, and he is the “sardar” of them.

The pastor in Nitish Kumar government further guaranteed that there are numerous other “Sardars” above him as well. Tending to a public gathering in Kaimur, Mr Singh went after the Nitish Kumar-drove alliance government in Bihar.

There is definitely not a solitary wing of our (farming) division that doesn’t commit demonstrations of burglary. As I’m the accountable for the division, I become their Sardar. There are numerous different clan leaders above me as well. The public authority has changed, however the functioning style continued as before. Everything is equivalent to previously.

He affirmed that Bihar State Seed Company stole around ₹ 200 crore for the sake of giving alleviation to ranchers.

The ranchers who needed to develop great quality paddy, don’t take paddy seeds of Bihar State Seed Enterprise. Regardless of whether they take it for reasons unknown, they don’t place it in their fields. Rather than giving alleviation to the ranchers, the seed companies take ₹ 100-150 crore.

Mr Singh further went after Janata Dal (Joined together) MLA from Chainpur and the Minority Undertakings Clergyman Mohammad Jama Khan saying that the last option had been a pastor in the public authority even before yet the state of individuals in the district barely different.

Presently there are two pastors from the region. Indeed, even from that point onward, in the event that the circumstance doesn’t change, then what is the advantage of turning into a priest? Kaimur area is brimming with degenerate authorities.

Quite, Bihar Farming Pastor Sudhakar Singh had before stroked a discussion over ‘rice theft’.

Sudhakar Singh is the child of Rashtriya Janat Dal (RJD) state president Jagdanand Singh, an unmistakable forerunner in Bihar. Sudhakar Singh is a MLA from the Ramgarh seat of Buxar.

There are charges of rice trick while he was a clergyman in Nitish Kumar’s bureau in 2013.

After Mr Singh took over as Priest in the new Magagathbandhan government, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) went after the alliance over the matter.


They ought to see the court’s organization regarding this situation. Claims are constantly made yet false all of the time. The trick, whenever occurred, occurred subject to their authority. For what reason didn’t they take this up then, at that point?” Singh said on BJP taking him up for a rice trick body of evidence against him.

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